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Making sustainability tangible, actionable, profitable.
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Build a better future.
Maximize value.
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Delivering the power of sustainability
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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker

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“There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”

Marshall McLuhan

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We are an international consulting firm helping businesses to achieve their goals, generate positive change and prepare for the future, today. ​

We are a “one-stop shop” to support your journey towards Sustainability

We take a holistic and strategic approach to integrate sustainability into business. 

We identify the most relevant environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) to your specific business, so that you can grasp the magnitude and harness the opportunities of innovation and differentiation in your markets.


We deliver the necessary skill-set and experience to support the complete journey from ideas to reality: from strategic vision to execution capabilities, from academic and practical understanding of ESG to deep know-how in the business and financial markets, from consulting and change management methods to specialist knowledge in leadership, engagement and communication. 


We deliver our projects as strategic partnerships, designing together, monitoring, calibrating to reality and delivering continuity and consistency throughout the implementation. 

ForFuturing and AchieveSpain join forces in the sustainable transformation of the European market

Following their international expansion plan, ForFuturing has just announced their partnership with AchieveSpain, a consulting firm specialized in training leaders, organizational culture and digital transformation in the Spanish market. 

“The partnership with AchieveSpain ratifies our proposal and vision on ESG, both with regard to innovation and the generation of value in organizations. The ForFuturing methodology, based on a deep understanding of the organization and the capture of opportunities and risks, has led clients to insights about previously unperceived situations, which made it difficult for ESG to transition and integrate into the business.”says Nemer Rahal, co-founder of ForFuturing.

With consolidated structures, a common purpose and teams with experience in their areas of knowledge, AchieveSpain and ForFuturing agree on the statement that companies need to accelerate this process: “AchieveSpain has a leading role in the Spanish market. Present in the market since 2006, it has acquired a robust portfolio of clients who are looking for improvements in their strategy : the correct degree of resilience and the journey of sustainable transformation in their businesses”, adds José Castelló.

Integrating Sustainability into Business

We apply technical expertise in sustainability and business intelligence to inform the company’s ambition and assess its performance against it. With this view, we develop an action plan that mitigates socio-environmental risks and captures business opportunities, maximizing value.

Indifference is not an option when it comes to climate change

According to the analysis of the relation between heat and economic performance published by Oxford Economics in July 2020, higher temperatures can shrink the global GPD in more than 20% until 2100. 


The way in which the economic impact will be distributed makes climate change a pivotal influence on inequality, consumer markets and economies worldwide. This is an immediate challenge that requires innovative thinking, analytical skill and a new corporate mindset.

There is an urgent need to transform businesses to ensure wider value generation now and in the future

Investors increasingly incorporate performance measures beyond simple profit in their analyses to evaluate the feasibility and potential of businesses. 


ForFuturing puts forward sustainable transformation in the approach for strategic and investment decisions, unlocking differentiated positioning and competitive advantage. 


The implementation of a corporate transformation aligned with ESG criteria creates a solid foundation, allowing companies to become more resilients towards the growing challenges we face. It represents a strategic tool for company’s long-term prosperity.

Why invest in transformation towards sustainability?

The adoption of environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) as key elements of long-term value already is a strategic and commercial priority. 


Our value proposition is to substantiate, enable and implement the necessary measures today, so that companies can operate on another level, minimizing vulnerabilities, optimizing opportunities alongside their consumers, investors and regulatory environments. This movement allows them not only to prepare for future demands, but also to unlock competitive advantages in the present.

We believe that businesses, people and planet are interconnected and interdependent. We help businesses in their transformation journey to reach financial return within a sustainable future.