ForFuturing offers consulting solutions for companies and financial institutions, from big corporations to startups, from beginners to advanced players in sustainable practices.

We support you

Wherever you are in the journey towards sustainability, we contribute with vision, technical, and practical support to help your company achieve its goals.     

Our solutions are customized to the business context, ambition, needs, and stage in the journey for each client. 



We advise on the necessary adjustments to the operational, organizational and commercial set up, as well as to relationships in the value chain that may pose direct risks or limit the business. We also help uncover where sustainability opens new opportunities – for cost optimization, new products, services, markets, or even a refined positioning to allow competitive advantages in new scenarios.  Finally, we offer coordination, methodology, and hands-on facilitation to implement solutions and measure their impact in practice.

Our methodology

To do so, we apply our experience, expertise, and method in several dimensions: 


Helping to determine strategy guidelines and a practical approach to tackle sustainability effectively, in a way that makes sense to the business


Identifying risks and opportunities in sustainability, its impact, and concrete actions applied specifically to your business context


Adapting, redesigning, or creating new policies, organizational structures, management models, and metrics to reflect the goals of sustainability in business practices.


Using a structured method and “hands-on” facilitation, coordinating activities, mobilizing resources, identifying and promptly addressing obstacles, adapting priorities, and managing the implementation to deliver the business goals.


With our extensive experience in business transformation, communications and leadership and culture development, developing a smart approach to continuously involve, engage and collaborate with the main internal and external stakeholders, and deliver sustainable change.

Some examples of our solutions

We support different types of trajectories towards sustainability, bringing business vision and coherence to the journey.



We support both specific solutions that initiate or complement the journey towards sustainability, and structured transformation programs to fully incorporate sustainability as a strategic pillar across the business.

Strategic positioning in sustainability (based on ESG criteria)

We identify the opportunities aligned with the company’s values under the ESG framework. This approach leverages the company’s core strengths to leverage its positioning, expand its vision, and increase its competitiveness and resilience. The result is the creation of value and a wider positive impact on stakeholders. 

ESG practice benchmarks

We leverage our international footprint and access to markets that are more advanced in sustainability to bring references and best practices to our clients. We combine these with our understanding of the local reality to arrive at innovative yet feasible viable ideas in their specific business contexts

Leadership development

We help align the understanding and expectations of stakeholders to execute the ESG ambition in practice, to develop change agents and ambassadors to the market. We deploy modern methods aligned with global movements such as Mindful Capitalism and Shakti Leadership, amongst others.

Advisory on selection and subscription to voluntary agreements

We compare the existing alternatives in the local and international markets, and help you select the best fit to the company purpose, long term objectives and maturity stage. Examples: PRI, Global Pact, CDP, TCFD

ESG Integration for corporates, asset managers, financial institutions, investors

We define an ESG ambition that speaks with the nature of the business, its mission, strategy, appetite for risk, and growth. We develop assessment criteria and measurement models, governance, and processes that enable not only the change but the continuous attention to incorporate sustainability day-to-day of the business.

ESG product development

We combine our expertise and align it to the client’s core business and ambition to develop and help launch ESG product offerings and market initiatives

Sustainability transformation programs, sustainability projects and initiatives

We help to design, apply and bring to life solutions such as ESG integration, ESG protocols, diversity & inclusion programs, social responsibility practices, governance review, education, communication, and stakeholder engagement in sustainability  

Due diligence and audits

We help develop the criteria and monitoring methods, effectively run the assessments, and/or train internal teams to apply them recurrently with agents across the value chain (such as suppliers, invested companies, asset portfolios, etc.)

We will help you in every step of your journey towards sustainability